How an Online Makeover Can Help You

girl makeover on whiteIf you are stuck in a rut, or unsure about what kind of makeup to wear or what to do with your hair, an online makeover could be the answer. There are a lot of websites that offer virtual makeovers. These are ideal for experimenting with new haircuts, trying out a spray-tan or testing out makeup products without having to spend ages in a store or wasting a lot of money.

Bricks and mortar stores have offered makeovers as a part of their service for a long time, but few people have the time to sit and let a “fashion assistant” talk them through all the options. In addition, it can be annoying to have to sit through the sales pitch that accompanies the makeover, especially if you aren’t convinced about the look that they recommend. When you get a virtual makeover, you avoid the issue of the sales pitch. You can try out anything you like, change your mind as many times as you want and not have to worry about buying anything at the end.

One great thing about online makeover tools is that they usually have searchable databases, including celebrity hairstyles and popular brands, so you can choose who you want to look like and get a list of recommendations based on that.

Getting the Best Makeover

These makeover tools will run in any modern browser, so they are quite easy to use. You might need to install Java for some of them, but that is safe to do, and you can download a free version of Java for most modern operating systems. Once you have Java working, you are ready to go.

You will be asked to provide a photograph of yourself. It is best if the photograph is of you looking straight at the camera with a neutral facial expression. Remove your glasses, if you wear any, and remove any caps or other accessories you might be wearing.

If you are interested in experimenting with different hair styles, tie your hair back out of the way for one of the photographs, so that as much of your face as possible is visible. If you want to try different hair colors, leave your hair as it would usually be.

Make sure that the contrast on your monitor is set correctly, and that the color and heat balance is correct. If you use tools, such as Flux that adjust your monitor’s settings during the day, then the colors that you see on your monitor may not be a realistic reflection of the color of the makeup in real life.

One common mistake is for people to have their monitor’s colors set to look warmer than they really are, which gives everything a slightly orange tone. Be mindful of this possibility if you are trying a makeover and planning to mail order the makeup. It might be a good idea to look at the results on more than one screen before you buy.