How To Find Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Cruelty Free on Paper Note on texture backgroundThere are so many different brands of makeup on the market today just like there have been for years. However, the unfortunate truth is that some of these makeup brands do somewhat horrible things both to the environment and to animals on which they test the cosmetics. The companies don’t like to admit it, but so many of them actually test the products on animals in order to see how their products react to living creatures. The problem is, most of these animals have long-term health problems.

This creates a conundrum. You want to wear makeup, and in many cases have to do so, but you also want to support cruelty free makeup brands but many of these products are rather expensive. Not only that, but some companies claim to be cruelty free, while their parent company actually still tests on animals. Companies like Urban Decay claim to not test on animals, but Urban Decay is owned by L’Oreal and L’Oreal does test on animals.

How can you find affordable makeup that doesn’t test on animals? Is there any simple, easy way? Unfortunately, there’s not an incredibly simple way. All the ways to figure out which makeup brands are truly cruelty free are going to take a little bit of research.

However, if you’re really interested in making sure your makeup brands don’t test on animals, then a little bit of research will be needed. In point of fact, it should be a mark of honor that you’ve gone out of your way to do your research and figure out what companies test on animals and which companies don’t.

The first thing you can do to help you figure that out is go to the internet. Most companies will have a website and the website will often tell you if they are owned by another company, such in the case of Urban Decay and L’Oreal. You can then figure out if the parent company does any animal testing and make your decisions based off of that.

Another thing you can do is check for phone apps that will help you figure out which companies test on animals and which companies don’t. There are several phone apps out there for smart phones that allow you to put in the company name and see all the public information about that company in a quick, easy to read list. These apps can help you decide whether or not you want to purchase from a particular company, for many different reasons.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult for many people to support cruelty free makeup brands. If you don’t want to be part of a system that harms animals, do your research to determine if the brands you use test their products on animals. If you are against using animals to test products, then not spending your money on the products will speak loudest to the manufacturers.