Tips For More Natural Looking Makeup

Model face of beautiful woman with foundation on skin make-up cosmetics .No matter your age, a fresh looking face is something that will always be in style. If you are trying to ease yourself into wearing makeup or you want to try something that is a little bit different than what you are used to, natural looking makeup is always a great option.

There are all sorts of natural tones and light makeup that you can pick from today and it is simply a matter of choosing the right makeup and getting some time in so that you can practice. The more you learn what you can do with natural makeup looks and tones, the better you will feel about your makeup application.

Start by cleaning your face to get rid of any of the makeup that you may have had previously. You can do this by using makeup remover or even water on a soft cotton ball. You can rub the cotton ball in smaller circles on your face or dab to take the makeup off. From there, you can cleanse and then tone your skin, followed by a moisturizer to keep your skin nice and hydrated so that it maintains softness.

Instead of using a foundation that can feel thick or heavy, think of using a tinted moisturizer when you want a natural look that is light and fresh. There are good quality tinted moisturizers on the market today that can blend in nicely to even out the tone of your skin while also giving you some additional protection in the form of a low SPF.

If you happen to have blemishes or darkened circles around your eyes, you can apply a light concealer. To follow up with foundation, you will need to keep it to a minimum so that you do not get a thick or greasy feeling to your skin. Following up with a light powder foundation will take care of any of the spots on your face that are prone to oil.

To keep your natural looking makeup style light and fresh, go for a liner for your upper lash-line in brown or smokey grey. If you want to keep it even more natural looking, you can do without the liner and just go with a quality mascara to help bring out the eyes for a finished look without the heaviness. If you are thinking of eye-shadow, you will want to stick to some neutral or skin tones so that you can keep the look light and natural. There are a wide variety of shadows that you can pick from that will be just enough of a shade difference from your skin color to bring out your eyes.

A nice, sheer lip color in nude is a great way to help you finish off your natural makeup look. Try to stay away from shiny lip glosses or any chap stick that can appear to be chalky. A light stain can give you a lasting feel without weighing down your look as well. Just choose a shade that is fairly close to your natural lip color to round off your natural look.

Be sure to use these tips if you want your makeup to look like you aren’t really wearing any. Enhance your good looks with the right makeup application and remember, when it comes to makeup, less is more.